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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

As I’m sitting here pondering the right words to go with my thoughts for this message, I find myself so amazed at how absolutely freeing this will be for me and so many others. A lot of people will look at me and think, “Wow. She’s got it all together. “ The truth of the matter is, no one does. You heard me... no one does. 

Now you may think I’m being negative or pessimistic, but hear me out for a second. I think so many of us, especially in this day and age with social media being part of our daily lives, are so caught up in comparing our everyday lives to others. It’s true. As the saying goes, “quit comparing your behind the scenes to someone else’s highlight reel.” So many of us look at the gift that life has given them, and they fail to see the grind that it took to get that gift. 

Isn’t that true sometimes for you? Do you find yourself thinking,

“Why am I the only one who is struggling with this problem?”  
“How did they get so lucky?” 
“Why can’t that be me?” 

Can I let you in on a little secret? Me too. I have had those thoughts. Let’s be real here: no one is perfect. We have all had weak moments where we have thought about those things, haven’t we? 

I want to encourage some of you today with a sneak peek my behind the scenes story starting from when I got involved with my business until now. Maybe some of you can relate.