Real Talk for Business Owners

"You have to give up to go up." Who's heard that before? Has anyone ever told you that you need to give up everything in your life in order to be a success at anything? Can I tell you a secret? That's a lie. 

Now hear me out... I'm not saying that you don't need to prioritize your time. No, that's not it at all. It's just that we often think in an "all or nothing" mentality and we quickly go from "on fire" to "burnt out." Have you ever been there? Exhausted? Stressed? Doubtful? 

Well, let me give you hope — It doesn't have to be that way. One thing I've learned as a business owner (who works from home, specifically) is that unless I make an appointment with my own business, often times it's easier to pick up every other assignment that life hands to us. Let me give you an example: I'm getting married in October, so in the midst of my work day, I may get a phone call with a vendor or a member of our family asking me wedding questions. But here's where the magic happens, so to speak. I have two choices: I can answer that call and put down my business in that moment, or I can ignore it until later. 

Has anyone ever told you that you need to give up everything in your life in order to be a success at anything? That’s a lie.

Here's another example: I gave myself a half hour of work time to follow up with customers. During that hour, my best friend calls me and wants to have lunch. Do I answer that call and reschedule my day or do I discipline myself in that moment and say no for right now and pick another time with her? 

Why is it that entrepreneurs are tricked into believing that our job is any less valid than other traditional jobs out there? Let's look at these last two scenarios through a different lens. My rhetorical boss at my "traditional job" scheduled me to work, and during my shift, I get a phone call while I'm helping a customer. Would I pick up the phone then? NO — definitely not. I'd be written up or fired. If I was scheduled at a job for a shift when my friend called me for lunch, would I call out? Most likely not. 

So here's the real truth, business owners: The fate of your business is in YOUR little daily decisions. Am I suggesting that you say no to all fun opportunities and only work your life away? Of course I'm not! However, you cannot be upset by the harvest that never was from the seeds you never sowed. If you do one thing differently after reading this, it's my prayer that you take one day this week and make an appointment with your business. Your desk is base and you cannot be tagged into other assignments when you are there. Allow yourself that one appointment and I promise you that the coming days will be a lot more fruitful with that one small change than you've been seeing.

If you've made one appointment with your business, let me know in the comments what extra thing you accomplished! I'd love to hear how this helped you grow your business, even if it's a little victory!

Caity Mets is an entrepreneur from Newton, NJ. She is a woman of God, a puppy mom to a cheagle named Pepper, a leader with It Works! Global, and is engaged to be married in 2015.