Board the Plane

W. Clement Stone once said, “Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will.” 

Real talk time. When is the last time you went to do something and something in your head convinced you that you couldn’t? Welcome to the minds of many, including myself at one point.

I recently said to someone that the person who tells you about their easy road to success or breeze of a time overcoming difficulties ultimately inspires no one. Perfection isn't something that anyone can relate to. 

People are also not inspired by people who are victims of their circumstances. There is a fine line between complaining and conquering. Are you stuck in a circumstance because you still feel badly that it happened the way that it did? 

“Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will.”
— W. Clement Stone

I want to tell you all a story today about a time I had two decisions: fear or flight: literally. It was last summer. The very thought of even getting onto a plane would send me off into a panic attack, let alone actually being able to do it. What caused that? Anxiety mixed with ONE bad flight experience in which we had taken off during a thunderstorm. 

For a while, I let fear keep me from experiencing flying because of one bad experience that didn’t even actually hurt me. I decided to stay stuck in feeling sorry for myself or maybe it was just fear that I was letting take control of my life. Was it something I could control? Yes. 

 So last year, after some time working on myself and learning new skills, I got on a plane despite those feelings. Was it easy? No. It was a little uncomfortable, to say the least, but I had people there who supported me and cheered me on. I learned new skills that I knew I could control my anxiety. I was taking my life back no matter what. It was one decision. 

I have to say, in hindsight, getting off that plane was one of the BEST experiences of my life. I felt free from the chains that had been holding me back all that time. I felt like I could conquer the world in that moment. I felt so much joy. 

Now it’s time to look at your life. What’s your plane? What’s the thing that hasn’t killed you or taken you out of the game completely, but one scary or uncomfortable circumstance is holding you back from freedom? What is it? Were you let down? Were you told no not yet from someone you wanted to say yes? Were you scared?

You cannot just decide to sit on a plane and not let it take off to conquer this. You have to get in and let the ride happen. Embrace the view along the way, take note of the bumps in the road but don’t let them stop you. You’re going to land somewhere better than you are right now. You’re either going to explore new places or you’re going to reach your destination.

Now let me let you in on another secret. Sometimes I still get scared. You will too. It's human nature. Whenever I feel not equipped or like I need to do something that makes me scared, I draw on the strength of that day. I draw on the bravery it took to get on that plane and face my fears. When's the last time you were brave? You did it before. Can you do it again? Yes, you can. 

No matter what you do, your life is going to be a natural progression of small decisions you make every day. If you’re not happy with where your life is today, I challenge you to board that plane and quit looking at what happened in the past.


Caity Mets is an entrepreneur from Newton, NJ. She is a woman of God, a puppy mom to a cheagle named Pepper, a leader with It Works! Global, and is engaged to be married in 2015.