Attitude of Gratitude

  I know it’s not Thanksgiving anymore, but why wait until then to say what you are thankful for? I’ve learned that being thankful for the things you already have makes a person incredibly peaceful and happy. It’s a fact. 

    During a difficult season in my life, I decided to read the book 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp. In the book, one of my many takeaways was writing down what I’m thankful for in a journal. 

    So, I have a special notebook that was given to me by someone I look up to -- and in it, I write a list of things that bring me joy. It may be a quote that really stuck out to me, or maybe a feeling I get, or a memory that makes me smile. It’s important to me to go back and remind myself of all of these things from time to time, especially when I experience a difficulty. 

    I challenge each one of you to write a status or keep a list of things you are grateful for during the next week.

      Notice how you feel. Notice how much better your week might go. A good friend of mine once said that "your life will go in the direction of your most prominent thought." Wouldn’t you like it to be something positive? Be blessed!