Social Media Boot Camp Day 7: Consistency

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Have you seen posts from your favorite brand lately? Do you follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or your preferred network? You probably have and you probably do, and the answer to “why” is this: Consistency.

Your favorite brands post all the time, consistently, about all sorts of things. I don’t have to be a mind reader or a social media expert to tell you that, although you may not realize this, these brands have social media teams dedicated to pushing out content on a regular schedule. So what are they posting, how often and why?

1. What are your favorite brands posting?

First and foremost, they’re posting about themselves. That’s going to be a given. But let’s look at Coca-Cola for example. Every single post they make has an image or a video attached to it. This catches people’s attention much better than a plain status update or link would.

Also, they post up to three times a day, every few days. That’s it. They have 81 million Facebook fans and almost 2 and a half million on Twitter, but they post between one and three things a day to reach that many people. Why?

Consistency. You should never be worried about how many times a day to post something. Instead, focus on the content you’re putting out into the world. Coca-Cola’s few update a day are always strong, focused on branding and the message behind them.

But is each post trying to sell a can of Coke? Not even remotely. That’s what advertising is for! Instead, their posts focus on connecting with their audience. Posting about holidays or major events, but still keeping the content relevant to their brand makes this approach incredibly powerful. 

2. How often are your favorite brands posting?

In this case, we’ll stick with the Coca-Cola example. As I mentioned, they don’t publish content more than three times a day across their various social media properties, and remember, they’re reaching an estimated 81 million people at a time.

Let’s take a minute to reflect: How often are you posting content? Is it every few days? Once a week? Three times an hour?

From the looks of it, Coca-Cola posts a few hours apart, with the time varying by day. Facebook and Pinterest offer built-in insights to see when the best times and for your business are, and there are plenty of third-party services to track this for Twitter, Instagram, and others.

3. Why?

Why do your favorite brands post only a few times a day? Why are they posting what they post? It all boils back down to consistency.

So does consistency equal quantity? This is a relatively common mistake, thinking that the more you post, the better you’re doing. Instead, put your focus on learning your audience, what they want to see, and when they want to see it. If you’re posting more than once an hour, it’s pretty likely that two things will happen:

  • Your audience will miss any post after your first one, garnering zero interaction for your page
  • They’ll simply get annoyed and unfollow you. Posting more than once an hour about your business is spam, and nobody wants to see that. Imagine if your favorite brand was posting that often across all of your networks!

Instead, publish quality content when you know your fans will want to see it. Remember, it should be about them, not you.

The 80/20 Rule

Many folks on the web quote the 80/20 Rule for all sorts of different things, but in this case, take it as a general guideline for what you should be posting. The “80” represents anything other than your business, such as general interest topics, shareable media, and essentially anything other than something trying to sell your products. These posts should still be pertinent to your business and express the personality of you and your brand. This will allow your fans to connect with you and your brand like they would with a friend. Every like, comment, and share means that your post is reaching a new audience.

The “20” will be anything and everything business-related. Do you have a product to sell? Do it. How about an event coming up? Share it! Is there a service you offer? Go crazy! This should account for 1 of every 5 posts you make (Get it? 80/20!) The goal is to not overwhelm your fans with advertisements, since they’ll most likely lose sight of why they followed your page in the first place.

You did it! That wasn’t so hard, was it? You should now have seven new tricks up your sleeve to get the most out of your existing social community, and additionally, grow a brand new following in the process. You’re ready to tackle the world of branding -- both personal and professional -- on any of your preferred networks. If you have any questions, comments, or success stories, I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to leave them in the comments on any of these posts, and click here to read the entire series.

Dan Schenker is a photographer, the son of entrepreneurs, an Independent Distributor at It Works! Global, and a puppy-dad to a beagle/chihuahua mix named Pepper with his lovely fiancé, Caity.

Dan Schenker

Dan is a Google Trusted Photographer, an ambassador for Insta360, and an aerial drone and event photographer based in northern New Jersey. When he’s not taking photos, he’s a dad and husband, a puppy dad, and a part-time time traveler.