Social Media Boot Camp Day 4: Squash That Negativity

No post went up yesterday due to the holiday. Please continue to enjoy this series where it left off.

Today's tip goes hand-in-hand with yesterday's, “Buy a Diary.” It’s difficult for your customers to take you seriously if every other post you make is about something negative in your life. I know – your job makes you work too much, your car costs too much money, and your least favorite politician did something to annoy you. Things like this can happen to anyone on any given day. But ask yourself this: What are you going to do about it?

My tone may sound confrontational, and I suppose it may be to some, but the next time your finger is hovering over that Enter key on your keyboard, consider what others might think of this update once its posted. Additionally, think about the last negative post you made. Did anyone like it? Did they comment? If so, what sort of interaction did you get compared to the last positive update you posted?

Business is hard. Life is hard, too, but I promise you this: Complaining only makes it harder. Instead, find your favorite thing to do and fill yourself back up. If it’s church, watch a sermon online. If it’s music, rock out for ten minutes. Take a break, unwind, go for a jog… anything to get your mind back in a place that can process things rationally instead of emotionally.

Now, back to business.

Imagine that we’re friends on Facebook (hey buddy!). In this scenario, I post three times a day, and it’s always super positive stuff. I got a raise today. I love what I do. My life is great! You get the point.

So my business is really beginning to interest you. You’ve seen me post about it continually for weeks now, and you’re finally ready to find out more about it. You head over to my profile, prepared to send me a message, only to be presented with this update right at the top of my feed:


“Well, today sucked. I woke up late, spilled coffee on myself this morning while getting ready, and then missed the bus. Once I finally got to work, I found out that my favorite coworker found a better job and quit, so I’m stuck here staring at the wall while the world mocks me. Seriously, can today get any worse?”


Yikes! Heavy stuff, man. So remember, you’re all amped up to buy something from me, but then you see this. How do you think you’d react? Chances are pretty high that all of that positivity I’d been spreading for the past few weeks could promptly be tossed right out the window, only to be replaced by that one, negative update. Sounds pretty lame, right?

So remember: Take a break and fill yourself back up. Don’t let that negativity make it out into the world to hurt your business.

Dan Schenker is a photographer, the son of entrepreneurs, an Independent Distributor at It Works! Global, and a puppy-dad to a beagle/chihuahua mix named Pepper with his lovely fiancé, Caity.

Dan Schenker

Dan is a Google Trusted Photographer, an ambassador for Insta360, and an aerial drone and event photographer based in northern New Jersey. When he’s not taking photos, he’s a dad and husband, a puppy dad, and a part-time time traveler.