Entrepreneur Inspiration: Kyle Stalla of Stay True Clothing

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Entrepreneur Inspiration is a regular segment focused on influencing and engaging small business owners, stay-at-home parents, dreamers, and achievers.

This post features Kyle Stalla, the twenty-something CEO and Founder of Stay True Clothing, a startup out of the Chicago metro area. Stay True spreads a positive message through apparel, accessories, inspirational ideas, and more to a steadily-growing audience.

Dan Schenker: What do you usually tell people when they ask you what you do?

Kyle Stalla: Stay True Clothing is an e-commerce clothing and accessory company fusing the positive, uplifting message of a forward-thinking generation with a modern style designed to make an innovative social statement.

Kyle Stalla of Stay True Clothing

Kyle Stalla of Stay True Clothing

DS: What made you choose this type of business?

KS: I chose this kind of business because of my background in screenprinting and design. There are more reasons for me continuing my endearment with the company but they evolve and become bigger than when they started. I guess that means something when you start learning from your own company.

DS: True story. That means it's beginning to grow organically. That's got to be pretty humbling.

KS: It is. Almost mind-opening in a sense.

DS: Now, more importantly, would you rather not know how to read and never be able to learn or have a loud yelling voice when you talked?

KS: This is an evil question.

DS: The choice is yours. :)

KS: I'd definitely have a loud yelling voice when I talked. Not being able to read and/or learn would be horrible.

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DS: Excellent choice! So how do you think being an entrepreneur has turned you into a better person?

KS: The question is how hasn't it haha I believe that being an entrepreneur has made me a better person by helping find myself and seeing different perspectives about many things that I had notions about previously.

Definitely how people go about their work ethic with business infrastructures in place. Before I normally had a negative connotation with managerial or superior positions to mine, but I understand why they're in place as well as why they're important to have. I've found the worker is just as important as the supervisor and/or manager. Since I'm my own superior and worker, it kinda helps when I will be looking to hire someone. 

DS: That's a great point. It's so important to have someone in a leadership role in any organization. That person has a responsibility to point their company in the best direction that they see fit, usually based on experience and training.

KS: Definitely.

DS: Last question: If you had one piece of advice to someone starting his or her own business, what would it be?

KS: Be ready to make mistakes. Be ready to lose money. Don't be scared. But in the end, it'll be worth if it's the path you truly want to take.

DS: That gave me chills. Great advice! Thanks for making the time to talk with me!

KS: No problem. Thank you for interviewing me!

To stay up-to-date on Kyle and Stay True Clothing, be sure to like his Facebook Page and visit his website.

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