Do You Have a Big But?

No, this is NOT what you're thinking!!! Seriously though. How many of you out there are thinking, "yeah, I see you being super successful with It Works and I want to join you BUT... (Fill in the blank)." 

You aren't alone. I used to have a very big BUT: 

“I want to do It Works, BUT you're better at sales than I am.” 
“I want to change my circumstances BUT I don't have time.” 
“I want to be home with my family BUT I don't know anyone.”
“I want to make more money BUT I have no money to start.”
“I want to talk to people BUT I'm afraid of what they will think.”

Check out this amazing Q&A from a top earner in It Works: 

"So before we start and your questions start flowing in… Let me answer a few before we get going!
Q: I feel like it's over saturated I know a lot of people selling it..
A: We are still around 70,000 distributors WORLD WIDE! If that is over-saturated to you then want to know a cool fact!?? We haven't even reached 1 percent of the population!!! Mary Kay STILL has over 1 million reps! We haven't even begun to make a dent in this world! And we aren't stopping anytime soon!
Q: I feel like I won't know enough people to do this business...
A: Our business is based off only knowing 5 people to be at the highest level you can be in our company.. I'm pretty sure everyone knows 5 people! And if you don't that is what NETWORKING is for!
Q: I am not a sales person...
A: I don't want you to be a salesperson.. I want you to fall in love with our amazing products and tell everyone about them just like you would your favorite restaurant or store... Remember this is a FIRST TO MARKET PRODUCT! WE HAVE ZERO COMPETITION!
Q: I don't do "parties"
A: We are not a PARTY business, we don't hold inventory and we do not deliver products!!
Q: I don't do pyramid schemes...
A: I don't either... that's why I don't work for corporate America where you work your butt off to make your boss, CEO and share holders rich and you are just a dime a dozen...
Q: I've tried multi level marketing before and it didn't work for me...
A: have you tried a networking company that has a ONE OF A KIND product that nobody has or will ever have?? We have the wrap… That makes us different!
**We are going to be the first network company in 14 years to hit A BILLION dollars in sales and our company gives out .53 cents for every dollar!
**We are a DEBT FREE company, which means our CEO can give us any and every bonus whenever he wants… the mission statement of our company is to LIVE DEBT FREE!!
**ALL of our products are NATURAL and SAFE!! NON GMO (organic) is also a KEY in LOSING weight and feeling GOOD!!"

Are you ready to get rid of your big but and take a chance? What other options do you have? Is it going to make you happy or make you extra income fast? The future of the jobs we hold is changing. Are you going to step out in faith? You are worth it, and you won't be alone. 

xo, Caity