Have Your Dreams Died?

Amid my packing adventures (we’re moving soon!), I found a Zig Ziglar goal setting sheet that I had filled out for 2014: the same sheet that I gave my team to do. As I was reading through them, I realized that I had completed most of them in one way or another, and those I hadn’t yet were in progress. 

I feel like society teaches us not to dream. We go to school, then learn how to be a good employee after we graduate, but somewhere along the way we lose that desire for something more. 

Is that you? Have you stopped dreaming? I may be young, but I know this: it doesn't matter where you are in your walk of life. You can put a goal in front of yourself, and with consistent action and prayer, you can accomplish it. It doesn't need to be a material thing. In fact, most often the most priceless things we can accumulate are things we learn along the way, like how valuable it is to spend time with your family. 

One last thing: WRITE DOWN what success really means to you. Take time to figure out why you want something. Does it sit well with you? Do you feel in your gut like it's the right thing to do? Pray over your goals, pray over your team and look for ways that your goals will benefit others instead of just yourself.