Get Back in the Game!

Photo via  Flickr

Photo via Flickr

Looking to get started again with It Works? Maybe you've been sleeping a bit, or maybe a little inactive? I know it can seem like a lot to catch up on, but have no fear! I am here to help you.

You see, It Works will work if YOU WORK. Here are some tips on how to get started up again. 

1. Blitz

Set a goal of how many cards you'd like to hand out DAILY. If your mouth is closed, your business is closed. If you don't ask, the answer will always be no. Find a buddy to blitz with you and HAVE FUN with it. (Tip: It can be your family!!!)

2. Wrap 

Drive the people you are blitzing to an event that YOU host from the home (or at a local wrapportunity), or simply ASK if you can wrap them right when you meet them. Get their info so you can follow up. You want to be in control. 

Get with your personal sponsor and schedule at least one "re-launch" event. I challenge you to get at least TWO people to that event to try the product. 

3. Repeat

Results do not come automatically so the key is to BE CONSISTENT! Consistent efforts yield consistent results every time. You might not have been consistent in the past which could have contributed to this rut that you might feel you are in. 

Photo via  Flickr

Photo via Flickr

4. Steps to Success

I know you hear this ALL the time, but the secret sauce is not reinventing the wheel! It should be your focus to gather AT LEAST 4 Loyal Customers per month and 3 Distributors. If you miss a month, no biggie. It happens. Print off a new worksheet from your Esuite monthly and fill it out as you go. 

5. Educate Yourself

The quicker you become self-governed when you go into business for yourself, the faster your business will grow.

It's not up to your upline.
It's not up to your downline or sidelines.

it's up to YOU. Get on calls and sites like this DAILY, and make it a priority to fit them into your schedule. (I usually listen to calls while cooking dinner.) You can never learn too much, so always be hungry to be better.

6. Figure Out WHY

When you started, what did you see in the company? What was it that you wanted? Why did you want it? Most importantly, what is going to stop you? Work through these questions with someone and try to overcome some of the obstacles you have placed in between yourself and your goals. Focus on what it is that you want. Whether it's with a Dream Board or a picture taped up on your bathroom mirror, you need to know what it is that defines success for you.  

Why am I making this list you might ask? Firstly, I believe in YOU. Second, I believe in this product and this company. The time is NOW! We have a HOT first-to-market product that's in front of the right trend (health and wellness). We have a compensation that pays you for the work you put in, and a debt-free company that's not a flash in the pan and bonuses that are crazy good. We are in momentum, and yet we are not a household name yet. Keyword: YET. We will be. I know I am going to do everything I can now.

The only question left is:

Are you ready????