Fall Recipe: Apple Pie Protein Pancakes

Apple Pie Protein Pancakes, formulated by Caity Mets. Photo by  Dan Schenker .

Apple Pie Protein Pancakes, formulated by Caity Mets. Photo by Dan Schenker.

Are you looking for a Fall recipe that's quick, easy to make, and will (scientifically) make you happy? Then you've GOT to check out these Apple Pie Protein Pancakes!




Apple Sauce

  • 3 Macintosh apples
  • 1 cup water


First, follow the instructions for your pancake mix for water temperature, then mix that with Creamy Vanilla ProFIT, water, and spices on your stovetop.  Heat should be relatively low, and you'll want to keep the pancakes covered while they cook.

Then, for your apple sauce, grab a separate pot and bring water to a boil. Low and slow is key here.  Just drop your apples (cored, peeled and cubed) into the boiling water for 10 minutes. Serve apple sauce over pancakes, then add a dash of cinnamon and some apple slices for garnish.

Now, by this point, you might be wondering why I said that these would make you happy. Well, other than being absolutely delicious, ProFIT (both the vanilla and chocolate varieties) contain a unique antioxidant blend called FITboost™, full of mood-elevating “superfoods” fine-tuned immune system health. It's also a great meal replacement in the morning, or a post-workout recovery shake after hitting the gym, all formulated specifically for a woman's body (you'll want to use two scoops, men!)

Do you have any recipes that include protein powder? Share them in the comments below!