How Men Can Contribute to Your Network Marketing Business

One ridiculously-powerful aspect to the It Works! Global culture is the concept of "fammunity" -- Your coworkers are your community as well as your family. This was the basis of a recent "Triple Threat" meeting held in Andover, New Jersey where three local teams with just one thing in common got together to share tips, training, and fun with each other.

Kim Haber, Misti Grunden and her fiancee Rob Dawson, and Nickilee Gurovich gathered their teams together in a local convention hall which was cool on its own, but what stood out the most to me was Rob's fantastic "The Man Show" segment. He runs a monthly conference call just for the guys of It Works, and he was kind enough to bring it along to our training. I was honored to be chosen as a (last-minute, unwilling replacement for a sick friend) speaker on this panel of It Works man, along with John Piscopo and Jay Miranda.

I'd be honored if you'd watch the video below, then leave your feedback in the comments section of this post. I have two segments in this, but I'd love it if you could watch from beginning to end (It's not a long bit, I promise!) because my fellow "panelists" offered up some really great advice. 

Here's the video (thanks to the wonderful Alicia Bozza for recording it!): 



Lastly, if you know a man working this business who's struggling, or if you have a significant other who's unsupportive or doesn't know how they can help, I urge you to share this post with them. There was a ton of powerful information from four very different personalities in a short amount of time, and please encourage them to reach out to me directly if they have any questions.

Please leave any comments, criticisms, or anything in between in the comments below. Also, if you'd like to see more updates like this, register for free for our mailing list with the button at the bottom of this page! 


Dan Schenker

Dan is a Google Trusted Photographer, an ambassador for Insta360, and an aerial drone and event photographer based in northern New Jersey. When he’s not taking photos, he’s a dad and husband, a puppy dad, and a part-time time traveler.