Automate Your Workflow and Save Valuable Time

Have you ever wished that there was more time in a day? Don't worry -- we all have at one point or another. Luckily, you can take advantage of this tool to get things done in almost no time, with less effort, and at no cost whatsoever. This tool is IFTTT.

IFTTT (If This, Then That) is exactly what it sounds like -- a function. Those of you nerds that are proficient in Microsoft Excel know what I'm talking about. By creating a function, you're making your life just a little bit easier. Here's an example:

Let's say that I recently started up a Twitter account for my business, but I have absolutely no idea what to post on it. I spend a ton of time on Facebook, but I don't know how to use Twitter, what to post, or even how to get started with it. In this case, I'd head over to IFTTT and create a function to automatically post my Facebook status updates to Twitter. Here, I'd select my trigger (the "this" in "If this, then that"), posting a status update to Facebook.

Once IFTTT knows to keep an eye on my status updates, I need to tell it what to do with them. In this case, I'd love to tweet them out as soon as I post them to Facebook. To do so, I'll need to choose an action ("that," from "If this, then that") for the target.  Looking at the screenshot below, I'd choose the first one, "Post a tweet."

Now that I've chosen an action, I'm looking at a fancy new function, "If I post a status to Facebook, then post a tweet with my Facebook status." I've officially conquered doing two things at once without spending any extra time doing so!

Not bad, huh? And that's just one of the many "recipes" that IFTTT has to offer. User can publicly share their recipes, or keep them all to themselves, but the great news here is that the list of recipes grows longer every day. On any given day, I can: 

  • Save an article I'm reading to Evernote to finish it later
  • Send myself a text message at a certain time to remind myself to follow up with someone
  • Back up any new Contacts I add to my phone to a Google spreadsheet
  • Save photos I'm tagged in on Facebook to Dropbox

So, my question for you is this:

Do you want to save time?

If so, head over to IFTTT and set up a free account to get started. Post your favorite recipes in the comments below. 

PS: I haven't yet found a way to automate waking up, feeding me, and making me get to work. If anyone has a recipe for that, please let me know! :) 


Thanks to Trevor Daly for inspiring this post. 

Dan Schenker

Dan is a Google Trusted Photographer, an ambassador for Insta360, and an aerial drone and event photographer based in northern New Jersey. When he’s not taking photos, he’s a dad and husband, a puppy dad, and a part-time time traveler.